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6BR Villa – Golf Place |Off Plan Property In Dubai For Sale

6 Bedroom |6 Bathroom |9263sqft

Damac Hills,Dubai

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4BR Golf Place Villa |Off Plan Property In Dubai For Sale

4 Bedroom |3 Bathroom |7761sqft

Damac Hills,Dubai

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1BR in The Palm Tower |Off Plan Property In Dubai For Sale

1 Bedroom |2 Bathroom |1057sqft

Palm Jumeirah

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Studio in The Palm Tower Residences |Off Plan Property In Dubai For Sale

Studio Bedroom |1 Bathroom |523sqft

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

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4BR Townhouse La Rosa III|
Off Plan Property In Dubai For Sale

4 Bedroom |5 Bathroom |2329sqft

Villanova at Dubai Land

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Off Plan Property In Dubai

2BR APT- Belgravia Square| Off Plan Property In Dubai For Sale

2 Bedroom |3 Bathroom |1271sqft

Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai

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It’s time to invest in off plan property In Dubai

Buying property in Dubai comes with great benefits like a tax-free income upon renting and investing in real estate. Because Dubai real estate market provides you with one of the highest rental yields on the mature real estate markets globally. So, buying off plan property in Dubai is an efficient way to invest in prime real estate at lower prices. Off plan property in Dubai comes with lucrative developer incentives. And investing in real estate in Dubai is investing in the future of global progression. Actively participate in the ever-enthralling global lifestyle of this city. In Dubai Off-plan property investment one can get a step closer to fulfilling this dream of being part of the global potpourri of cultures in Dubai.

Off-plan properties are a game-changer in the domain of real estate. These are generally properties that are yet to be constructed and are in due process. Investing in off-plan property is a two-way street, where both the developer and the buyer make a profit. Off-plan properties are booked in advance with a substantial discount. And as these are book before construction, developers secure capital for their projects. So, both the investors and developers have much to gain by investing in off-plan properties.

The cost benefits of off plan property in Dubai make it a lucrative option for real estate investors as well as first-time buyers. If one is looking to buy some new properties in Dubai, off-plan properties provide a wide range of opportunities to explore. From villas to luxury apartments, off-plan properties have a wide variety of real estate to choose from. And with the experienced service of Top Line Real Estate Brokers, choosing the right property will be even easier. There are several off-plan properties for sale in Dubai at prime locations. These properties shall increase their original value by multiple times by the time they are completed.

Damac Off Plan Properties Emaar Off Plan Properties Dubai Properties Off Plan Projects Off plan properties in Dubai

Due to the multifold increase in price, off-plan properties come with a significant amount of discount. This is a primary incentive for people investing in off-plan properties. Seasoned real estate investors look for off plan property in Dubai. Here they can almost always guarantee that they shall get much more than what they had invested in the property. Buying off plan property in Dubai is not at all a cumbersome process. The developers often provide efficient financial support systems. This enables real estate buyers to buy their choice of property in any location. 

But before one plans to buy off-plan property in Dubai, one must also be aware of the risks that come with it. Off-plan properties are sold based on sanctions, and before construction. Thus, there is always a chance of unforeseen changes. The construction can get halted due to multiple reasons, like funding problems, legal hassles, and even natural calamities. Therefore, one must invest in off-plan property that is reliable and promising. Top-line real estate brokers have years of experience in determining trustworthy investing opportunities. There are several  Dubai properties and new projects in development that fulfil this eligibility criterion.

Mortgage for Off Plan property in Dubai

Mortgage for off plan property in Dubai is a major concern for people investing in real estate. Off-plan properties require a security deposit to confirm the purchase of the property. In most cases, this deposit is a down payment which is a percentage of the total evaluation of the property. Developer is often accepting mortgages in form of land and deed against the purchase of a property. But there are other ways of paying for off plan property in Dubai. A loan for buying real estate shall save you tax and enable you to invest in real estate with a tax-free income.

Many developers in Dubai do off-plan property promotions and are ready to work out a more liberal deal. Post-construction, real estate prices become permanent, leaving no room for negotiations. Therefore, off plan property in Dubai provides the unique advantage of being a more sustainable real estate option. With meticulous planning and help from experienced brokers from Top Line Real Estate, you shall have your property in Dubai in no time. Another major advantage of off-plan property investment is that they are a tax write off. Additional to the significant discount, the continual payments help you save tax in the long term.

Nakheel Off Plan Properties Mohammed Bin Rashid Off Plan Properties Off Plan Projects of Sobha 2BR APT – Belgravia Square

Risk of Buying Off Plan Property

As mentioned before, investing in off-plan property does have its own risk. Often due to unforeseen circumstances, off-plan properties can be halted. Their progress always a risk that has to be countered into the decisions. Moreover, due to pre-construction evaluations, additional charges may concur once possession is received. Also, initial registration fees will be according to the contemporary estate value. In most cases, this saves money for the buyer, but there are also cases, where registration fees have dropped. However, most of these disadvantages can be combatted successfully with the help of an experienced broker. At top line real estate, we have a lot of dedicated brokers whose sole purpose is to find you the property most suited for you.


Latest Off Plan Properties in Dubai

Top Line Real Estate Brokers have listings of Off-plan property Dubai Emaar, which are a real estate goldmine. There is a variety of other options as well in strategic locale from respectable developments. The listings of off plan property in Dubai at locations like Damac hills and Dubai shoreline. They have listings from respectable businessmen in power like Mohammed Bin Rashid and Majid al Futtaim. Apart from these, Top Line Real Estate Brokers provide you options from various prestigious developments. Some of the examples are Emaar, Sobha, Nakheel and Ellington properties. Other options are also available from seven tides and MAG property development.

Off plan property in Dubai is one of the mature real estate options. It is a smart choice for the investors as it saves them money and tax as well. However, buying an off-plan property requires more patience and a fair share of uncertainties. However, with trustworthy developments and our experienced Top Line Real Estate Brokers, all such problems can be overcome. Off-plan property investment is the future of real estate due to its convenience and flexibility.


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