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Best Locations for Luxury Villas & Apartments in Dubai

Luxury Villas & Apartments in Dubai

Are you looking to buy luxury villas & apartments in Dubai? Dubai is one of the most happening cities all over the globe. In the last few decades, its popularity has skyrocketed. And now this desert cum sea adjacent city has become a favourite among celebrities. The high paced lifestyle of Dubai is supported by its high-quality infrastructure. And with expats and foreign nationals being able to purchase a freehold property, Dubai has become a global investment hub. Luxury property in Dubai is not only a great status symbol but also a premium investment opportunity. And they are multipurpose in nature as well.

Unlike generic apartments and houses, the luxury villas & apartments in Dubai come with a certain panache. This panache is what makes them appealing to people all over the world. Luxury property can have several uses as a residence as well as a vacation house. And due to their high demand, they can also be vacation homes for tourists when not in use. Several luxury property owners derive a side income from their villas and apartments by renting them. Popular bed and breakfast sites like Airbnb, Booking.com, etc allow owners to choose tourists, timings, and the rate at which they want to give their property. The bonus advantage is that there are no taxes on income that one gets through rental yields. Making this side income a tax free one.

Luxury Villas & Apartment

Luxury Villas & Apartments in Dubai from Top Line Real Estate Brokers

But one of the major concerns about buying luxury villas & apartments in Dubai is the location. In real estate, the location of the property is one of the major factors which determines its value. Dubai as a city is very lucrative for its property value due to its mature real estate market. But according to the purpose of your property, the location will matter. If your purpose is residence then the scenic locations of Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah or Damac Hills are perfect for you. But if you are also looking to rent out to tourists and expats then tourist locations like the Dubai Marina or corporate centres like the Dubai Business Bay.

Top Line Real Estate Brokers are one of the premium brokers of Dubai. They have a variety of luxury villas & apartments in Dubai as their listings. They have a variety of locations, from the best apartment buildings. From Dubai Downtown to luxury villas on the beaches and golf gardens of Dubai. These luxury properties have a wide price range, from AED 10,000,000 up to  AED 93,330,000 or more. Despite their exorbitant prices, these luxury properties are highly in demand due to two primary reasons. Firstly, their prices never depreciate in the mature real estate market. Secondly, they are great real estate investments that generate multiple sources of income. With Top Line Real Estate Brokers you get the experience and expertise of 23 years. And with TLRE, you are sure to find the best place and best house. A house that suit you and your persona completely.

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