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How much does Property in Dubai Cost?

Property in Dubai for sale

It shall come as no surprise to you that property in Dubai is one of the best investments you can make for sale around the world. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the costliest and has less variety. In fact, Dubai is one of the few cities where there is such a variety of price and type of property available. Dubai is a haven for both corporate expatriates as well as adventure-loving foreign nationals and Emiratis who have fallen in love with the city. You shall find a huge range of property in Dubai for sale which fits everyone’s aesthetic as well as budget.

Affordable Apartments in Damac Hills and Dubai Downtown

The lowest price range will be around AED 500,000+  and go on further for gorgeous and furnished studio apartments. Studio apartments or 1 BHK apartments are a smart modern invention that is perfect for working millennials. With rising real estate values and diminishing space in the city, studio apartments are the next big thing. They are a comfortable living space for one to two people. And have everything cleverly adjusted into the limited space, to make it look adequate yet minimalistic. Studio apartments in Damac Hills and Dubai Downtown are perfect for working foreign nationals who want the best of both worlds.

Cost of Luxury Property in Dubai

However, for families of more than two people, a studio apartment may feel crowded. Especially if you have growing kids living with you who need their own space. In such cases, 2BHK apartments are the more spacious options. They have a starting price of AED 1,00,000+ and their price depends on square footage, location and other factors. These apartments are available in both furnished and unfurnished options depending on your preference. If you have a nuclear family then these are the perfect choice for you. From Damac to Palm Jumeirah to Dubai Marina, you’ll find such property in Dubai for sale.

Exquisite Villas and Mansions in the Palm Jumeirah and Damac Hills, Dubai

However, life isn’t always about being practical or cost-oriented. Sometimes, we just wish to splurge and indulge ourselves. And the luxury property in Dubai for sale helps you do that and make you feel like royalty. From stunning beach villas to breathtaking luxury penthouses to magnificent mansions, Dubai has it all. And there is a huge variety of options, like AED 8,00,000+ for garden villas in the stunning Palm Jumeirah or Damac hills. There are high-end luxury mansions too which can cost up to AED 78,00,000+. However cost-effective or exorbitant the prices may be, the property in Dubai is always WORTH IT!

With Top Line Real Estate brokers you get exclusive access to a variety of property in Dubai for sale. And get to choose your home from some of the best apartment buildings and flourishing communities in Dubai. Being some of the best real estate brokers in Dubai, Top Line Real Estate Brokers keep in mind your persona and your budget while presenting your options. With their excellent service and more than two decades of experience, you are sure to find whatever house you are looking for!

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